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Atlanta Circumcision is your trusted destination for baby circumcision services. Rabbi Schulgasser is an expert practitioner renowned for performing safe and comfortable circumcisions for infants.

Recommended by physicians for circumcision for newborns, including ob-gyns, surgeons, and pediatricians (Rabbi Schulgasser performs their sons' circumcisions, too!)

Rabbi Schulgasser has performed hundreds of newborn boys circumcision procedures throughout the United States, including Georgia, South Carolina, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, Alaska, New York, Florida, Maryland and Arkansas

#1 in client satisfaction for baby boy circumcision, availability and service--and ready to serve you! With years of experience in newborn circumcision, Rabbi Schulgasser ensures the highest standard of care for your baby boy. Trust us for a professional and compassionate circumcision experience for you newborns.

Thank you for visiting my website. If you or someone you know are the new parents of a baby boy—congratulations!

If I can be of any service to you, answer any question or I can help you in any way, please let me know!

Warm regards,Rabbi Elchanan Schulgasser

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Atlanta Baby Circumcision we use the Mogen technique, which is quick, precise, and leaves an aesthetic appearance. You can take a look at an animation of the procedure on our website if you would like to see what to expect.
The procedure only takes about two minutes. We will put your baby on a soft blanket covered with a sterile field. Most often, you can hold your baby again within five minutes of putting him down, including a diaper change, marking the area, bandaging, and checking that everything went perfectly.
We perform circumcisions for newborns almost everywhere, including at your home or our home in Atlanta.
We recommend performing the procedure in the first month of the baby's life, although the second or third month is also acceptable.
Yes, we can perform the circumcision for newborns on day 8 after birth if requested, and we also perform it on other days that are more convenient for the family.
Absolutely. We are available by phone, text, email, or video chat to address any concerns or provide any guidance you may need.
We recommend applying an over-the-counter 4% lidocaine cream such as Aspercreme 60 minutes before the appointment. We also recommend Infant Tylenol. This is at your discretion, however--many families skip the Aspercreme and Tylenol and this is perfectly fine. Since the procedure is so quick, we don’t usually give injections to numb baby, but we offer this when parents request it.
No, we do not use straps during circumcisions. Someone, usually mom or dad, gently holds baby on a soft blanket covered by a sterile field.
Our fee for baby circumcision is $500 at our home in Atlanta. If we visit you at your home, there is a travel surcharge of $3/mile each way. We believe this is competitive with any other provider of infant circumcision services and strive to keep it as affordable as possible.
We do not accept insurance for infant circumcision, but we can provide you with a receipt for billing purposes. Your insurance company may reimburse you for the circumcision or apply the fee to your deductible.
We don’t but we offer a discount for families who receive Medicaid or PeachCare.
Please check our website and Google Business profile for baby circumcision testimonials.
We accept cash, credit card, check, Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, and most other payment methods.
Yes, we follow all Covid-19 safety measures.
Rabbi Schulgasser uses the Mogen technique, known for its precision and aesthetic results. Learn more on our website.
Yes, you can watch an animation of the Mogen technique on our website to get an idea of what to expect during the circumcision.
Absolutely, we offer circumcisions at your home with the same care and precision as in a hospital setting.
While we recommend early circumcision, the procedure can be performed in the second or third month as well.
We offer pain relief options like lidocaine cream and Infant Tylenol to ensure your baby's comfort during the quick procedure.
We don't use straps; instead, a parent gently holds the baby on a sterile blanket, ensuring a safe and comforting environment.
Yes, we accommodate requests for circumcisions on day 8 or other convenient days.
Our circumcision fee of $500 covers the procedure at our Atlanta location. Additional charges apply for home visits.
While we don't accept Medicaid or PeachCare, we do provide discounted rates for families with these benefits.
Feel free to check our website and Google Business profile for testimonials and recommendations from satisfied families.
The procedure is typically not very painful due to its speed and precision. We recommend using pain relief options like lidocaine cream and Infant Tylenol to ensure your baby's comfort during the procedure.
Yes, newborn circumcision is safe. We perform circumcisions with the same level of care and precision as in a hospital setting, ensuring a safe and comforting environment for your baby.
Circumcision is a personal choice, and whether it is necessary is a decision for the parents to make.
No, circumcision is a permanent surgical procedure and does not grow back.
The healing time for newborn circumcision can vary, but it typically takes about one to two weeks. It's important to follow post-circumcision care instructions provided by your healthcare professional.
Cleaning your baby's circumcision site should be done gently with warm water and mild soap. Follow the care instructions provided by your healthcare professional.
Preparing for circumcision may involve scheduling the appointment, discussing pain relief options with your healthcare provider, and following any pre-procedure instructions they provide.
Signs of infection may include redness, swelling, discharge, or fever. If you suspect an infection, contact your healthcare provider immediately.
Yes, we can accommodate requests for specific circumcision dates, including on day 8 after birth or other convenient days.
Yes, you can watch an animation of the Mogen technique on our website to get an idea of what to expect during the circumcision.
Absolutely, we offer circumcisions at your home with the same level of care and precision as in a hospital setting.
Circumcision is typically performed within the first few days of a baby's life, but you can schedule it in the first month or later in the second or third month.
Our base fee for circumcision is mentioned on the website, with additional travel surcharges for home visits. No other hidden fees are involved.
Yes, you can contact Rabbi Schulgasser through the website to schedule a consultation or get answers to any questions you may have.
  • Are you a Physician?

    I'm not. I am a Rabbi and traditionally trained to perform circumcision. Many of my clients are physicians, however, or nurses, midwives, members of the medical community and those from every walk of life! Several have supplied references on the testimonial page of this site.

  • Everyone! My practice is divided about equally between parents of every background who want a regular circumcision for their sons, and Jewish parents who want a bris milah (religious ceremony).

  • My expertise is in infant circumcision / newborns circumcision only. For adults and children in Atlanta, I recommend Dr. Moshe Shapiro, Advanced Urology, 678-344-8900, info@urologygeorgia.com. His work is excellent. (He does not perform circumcisions for infants; I only perform circumcisions for infants.) Please send him my warmest regards!

  • The fees for the newborn circumcision is $500 (neonatal: six-weeks or younger; please be in touch for pricing for circumcisions for older infants). If I visit you in your home, the travel fee is $2/mile each way.

  • Very possibly. I've even been to Alaska for a brissos (circumcisions)! And if I'm busy or otherwise unavailable, I can likely refer you to a qualified Mohel who can.

  • I'll be delighted to spend as much time with you as you'd like, answer any questions, and help in any way I can.

  • Call or email any time. Right now is fine! Before the baby's born, or after--either is great. After the baby is born, earlier is better than later for scheduling and logistical reasons.